Need Wholesale China Pet Jar? We’ve Best One for You!

Being a demanding consumer is not an easy task! Your business has to be versatile enough to provide everything which your customer might look for. What if you get plenty of such stuff at wholesale prices? Yes, Shenzhen Xinlu Industrial Co., Ltd is a top reputable, and professional China pet jar supplier who makes multiple kinds of PET jars and bottles.

We’re a world-class China pet jar manufacturer and supplier who also manufacture top plastic jar and empty lip gloss tube, while embracing advanced technology, sophisticated equipment, and the entire process of product quality in full control, to make sure our products are in complete accordance with international standard. This makes us enjoy a high reputation in the market.

Our products

We offer service from design, mold development, sampling, production, packaging design, and delivery. Besides, ODM/ OEM service is also the main part of our business. Our daily manufactured products include; cosmetics packaging bottle and jars (like dispenser pump, PET prayer, clip-clap cosmetics bottles, cream jars, cosmetics jars, PET bottles, sealed jars).