Aluminum packaging vs. Plastic packaging- Which Containers Should I Use

Aluminum packaging vs. Plastic packaging- Which Containers Should I Use

Cosmetic brands do experiments with their packaging, and they often consider selecting an ideal type of container for their products. An example says, with the cosmetic products saturation in the industry, there is a need for cosmetic and cosmetic container manufacturers to highlight the importance of packaging to differentiate themselves from other cosmetic brands. Therefore, they should be a pattern of relationship between the packaging of cosmetic products.

For example, the aluminum and plastic range of Empty lip gloss tube is quite popular in the cosmetic industry. The manufacturers often shift their components between aluminum lip-gloss and plastic lip-gloss containers for their products. In the industry, appropriate cosmetic packaging focuses on creating a great impression on a customer, and many manufacturers struggle to develop products that appeal to a consumer.

However, there are advantages to using plastic containers for lip-glosses; several manufacturers are gravitated towards using an aluminum container or even glass components. Metal containers add a lavish appeal to a product, contributing to the functional appeal of the product.

Pros and Cons of Plastic packaging and Aluminum packaging

Although cosmetic and Empty cosmetic container manufacturers swear by the trustworthiness and cost-effectiveness of plastic materials, the cosmetic industry’s shift has facilitated makeup producers to use aluminum for cosmetic packaging. Let’s have a read at the pros and cons of aluminum and plastic material type individually:

Aluminum for packaging:

The use of aluminum material for cosmetic packaging; components has become common in the modern cosmetic industry. In addition to communicating a well-appointed appeal to the cosmetic product, aluminum is a recyclable material. The aluminum Empty lip gloss tube is useful in terms of its cost, reliability, and sustainability.


  • Aluminum is a lightweight material. It allows the manufacturers to save up on transport costs and production costs.
  • Aluminum packagings are compliant with ISO, FDA, and EU requirements, which help improve the product’s lifespan.
  • Aluminum is easy to acquire, and it is reusable for sustainability purposes.
  • The aluminum product looks expensive in a makeup box.
  • Aluminum does not absorb chemicals or any product ingredients from the lip gloss.


  • When using aluminum packaging, a manufacturer must ensure that the material fulfills international cosmetic packaging standards.
  • Aluminum materials are vulnerable to corrosion, which can tamper with the container’s cosmetic product’s quality.
  • Aluminum is costly than plastic; using aluminum container packaging increases the price of cosmetic brands.

Plastic for packaging:

Some lip gloss tube manufacturers prefer using plastic material for packaging, and it is significantly lighter in weight than aluminum components. The lightweight properties result in less manufacturing costs, and it makes the material safer for delivery purposes. In contrast to aluminum packagings, plastic packagings are comparatively corrosion-resistant, and it can be modified to meet the buyers’ aesthetic preferences.


  • Plastic cosmetic packaging is a cheaper and accessible substitute for aluminum.
  • Plastic materials are immune to corrosion, breakage, impact, and dents.
  • Plastic packagings are easier to handle or grip and for shipping purposes.


  • Plastic material is not biodegradable; therefore, just 9% of plastic can b decomposed in a landfill. If cosmetic brand statements to offer or “eco-friendly” products, it should navigate clear from using plastic material.
  • Plastic Empty lip gloss tubes after use look tacky and cheap.

Selecting the Right packaging Material for Your Cosmetics

Either you are gravitated towards selecting plastic cosmetic packaging for your products or aluminum cosmetic packaging. You need to evaluate both types of packagings and then decide accordingly. If you need something new and refreshing for your cosmetic brand, you should go for aluminum packaging, and you notice a pleasing reception amongst your audience.

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