Let’s reuse our plastic containers to make them useful

Let’s reuse our plastic containers to make them useful

Recycling plastic is excellent, but reusing is far better. Reusing plastic items saves energy, prevents pollution, and also reduces waste. Several studies show that plastic is harmful to health and the environment. Moreover, the process of recycling plastic also emits poisonous gas into the air, but it’s better to waste it.

We all can take our responsibilities to make the earth clean and safe. Our small efforts can have a significant impact on the environment. Do you have a Clip top plastic jar, plastic lid container, and plastic pot without lid at home? You can reuse your plastic jars in several ways. The following are some ideas to give your plastic products new life and reuse them for a longer time before throwing them into the bin.

Here are just a few fun ways! Give a read to put plastic products to good reuse around my house.

1.      Collect coins and stickers:

Do you have to collect different coins? Or do you love to have various stickers at your place? If yes, then you can reuse your plastic jars to store your little things. To make it creative, you can paint it and put beautiful beads in it. Moreover, you can also make your clip top plastic container a stationary box for your kids’ room or office when it comes to a storage option.

2.      Make the best use of the peanut butter jar

We agree that cleaning out a peanut butter plastic jar is one of the most tedious recycling aspects. But it’s a valuable task, as food remainder that remains on recyclable containers ends up polluting paper recycling, often causing it to landfill. There are the immediate benefits of getting more peanut butter! Your not-quite-emptied PB jar, you can use for salad dressing, overnight oats, and other various tasty treats, to get the most out of the purchase before you finally scrub out the plastic jar and put it in the bin. You can make strawberry jam or orange jam at your home and store it in your empty peanut butter plastic jar.

3.      Make a self-watering planter

Old buckets, water bottles, or large plastic ice-cream tubs, you can use these plastic products to construct your self-watering planters. This idea is that there is a refillable reservoir underneath for water, which plants can wick up as desired. You can make them more appealing by painting them with craft paint or wrapping them with colorful string, hot-glued into place.

4.      Organize your fridge with clear produce containers

The clear, hard-plastic containers you can reuse to package salad mix, berries, and other foods are just the right sizes to organize loose items in your fridge. In this way, your fridge will look clean and organized. Moreover, if you have a Clip top plastic jar, you can use it for storing your leftover food. Furthermore, you can use them to hold blocks of cheese or herbs loosely wrapped in damp paper towels to keep them fresh longer. They also make right-sized plastic containers without lids for storing washed and cut-up fruit and vegetables for healthy, grab-and-go healthy snacks.

5.      Stash plastic containers in the car for trash

Your old plastic container can work as a small portable trash bin for your car. Kids have a habit of using tissue papers and throwing wrappers in the car. You need to place a small plastic lid jar in your car and labeled it as “use me” or “fill my tummy”. In this way, your kids will be interested in throwing waste in the bin box. Moreover, this ideal you can also use for your kids’ study room. The eraser waste and pencil/sharpener waste are difficult to clean. You can place the plastic jar at your kids’ study table and ask them to keep the garbage in the pot.

6.      Give your cereal bags new life

The cereal bags are not always recyclable, but it is sufficient to shake out the cereal crumbs and use them for various things. These plastic bags are thick and durable; you can wash them and reuse them before using them to dry the bag’s excess water. You can use it for storing things in your freezer, like cheese or crumbs. They are great for crushing food items like crackers to make fine crumbs. Moreover, you can use plastic bags for marinating meat or fish. You need to combine the marinade ingredients in the plastic cereal bag, add your meat or fish, roll up the bag top, and use a chip clip to seal it.

With some colors and little creativity, there are several ways that you can reuse disposable plastic containers, packaging, and other waste before it heads to plastic recycling. You can give new life to plastic waste as it saves your money and also beneficial for the environment.

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