Skin Care Packaging Matters: Why to Ditch plastics Jars

Skin Care Packaging Matters: Why to Ditch plastics Jars

If you are spending money on skincare products that come in jars, you are damaging your skin, particularly when purchasing anti-aging products. We reveal what the research says about Plastic airtight jars and share the adequate skincare packaging required for maximum benefit.

Jar Packaging and Skincare Ingredient Stability Issues

The study makes it clear that several best ingredients for skin—with antioxidants and anti-aging champions— break down in the air. Essentially, opening an airtight jar* lets air in, causing essential components to begin deteriorating, becoming less and less effective with each use.

Making matters worse, see-through glass airtight jars or clear bottles permit routine exposure to daylight, further compromising the efficacy of ingredients.

There is also the hygiene question: Every time you dip your finger into the plastic jar, you infect the formula. Suppose you wash your hands first or use the “special” spatula that convoys some jar-packaged products. It is simply impossible to keep the beauty tools and your fingers completely clean. The hygiene issue stresses the antibacterial system, leading to further decline of the beneficial ingredients. Airtight jars are the exception to this rule because they restrict airflow and help keep the subtle elements stable.

Cosmetic airtight containers expand to a range of jars, pots, tubes, bottles, pens, compacts, and liquid dispensing solutions. Each container provides a different design and solution; however, cosmetic containers world, each product sits under the skincare, hair, and beauty categories. The manufacturer offers an extensive range of distinctive packaging products to explore innovations and keep an eye on stirring designs beneficial to the up-to-date market cycle.

Cosmetic Jar Containers

Cosmetic airtight containers in the form of jars are perfect for skin care and other beauty products. Plastic airtight jars can contain gels, balms, lotions, and skin cleansing products. However, most jar containers come with a shive, keeping the contents free from foreign debris (dust & germs). Moreover, the manufacturers made jars ned with airtight lids, which keep the contents fresh and ready for future use.

A range of materials in the field of jars available;

  • PP Jars – Recyclable – Soft or hard plastic effect
  • PET Jars – Recyclable – Glass, hard or soft plastic finish
  • SANS Jars – Non-Recyclable – Glass, complex product plastic
  • ACRYLIC Jars – Non-Recyclable –luxury brands and high-profile cosmetics.

Are Jars Oven Safe?

Not all airtight Jars are Oven-Safe. Oven Safe Jars may refer to Jars that don’t affect the high temperatures in the oven. Jars may be considered oven-safe if the material of the pot can’t be artificial or cooperated by the oven’s heat. The plastic jars suppliers always recommend looking over spec sheets if you curiosity what temperatures your particular airtight jar can stand up against. Regardless of the jar: Plastic Jars or Glass jars, always do your research before testing anything in the oven. Few people place lipstick containers in the oven to melt to have good pigmentation; it is harmful to the skin. When you heat any plastic container, it is good to use for a specific temperature and duration.

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