Some Essential Tips To Keep Your Favorite Pickles Fungus-Free

Some Essential Tips To Keep Your Favorite Pickles Fungus-Free

How To Keep Pickles Fungus Free?

  • Salt and oil work as a preservative in all pickles. The oil layer moving above the pickle blocks the outside’s wetness creates any contact with the pickle.
  • Acids and sodium benzoate save pickles good for an extended time. Condiments made from salt, sugar, vinegar, spices, etc., remain suitable for many years.
  • The water usage quickly grows fungus. Never stir with hands; always use a spoon. While taking from the pickle jar, be careful not to have excess water in the spoon.
  • A Glass jar or Clip top plastic jar is suitable for pickles.
  • Rarely it is good to keep the pickle jar in the sun for hours.
  • If the oil level is low in the jar, and you think to add some extra oil in it, then heat the mustard oil properly at first. Cool down entirely and add to your pickles jar.
  • Fill your pickles in a big airtight jar and refrigerate them. You can take a small proportion into the small jar. You use the small jar when you want to taste. Therefore, the small airtight jar gets exhausted before absorbing moisture. The other plastic jars in the refrigerator remain fresh for an extended time as they are not open to humidity.
  • People use three key ingredients in pickles to keep them fresh: Salt, Vinegar, and boiled or cooled mustard oil.

More Tips To Keep Pickles Fungus-Free:

  • If possible, retain the amount of chilly very high, it will work as a preservative.
  • Keep your pickle highly salty; keep the solution saltier than it is necessary. The amount of salt decreases over time as the pickle grips some of it.
  • If you use mangoes, olives, and other sour fruits, keep them in the sun for two to three days. Mix some salt, garlic paste, red chili powder, and turmeric powder and dry it since there is no moisture.
  • If you keep the green mangoes in lime water, then the mango will not break during the preparation.
  • The lack of space to place there in the sunshine can safely place in the deep freezer. If you do not add vinegar or sodium benzoate in your pickles, it will run too. But for Kashmiri pickles, vinegar is particular to taste.
  • Put the pickles in the Clip top plastic jar and sink it with cold mustard oil. Casually shake the pickle jar so that there is no air remain inside it. Keep it in the sun for 15-18 days, and it will make your pickles fungus-free for a prolonged time.

Here Is A Simple Technique To Keep Your  Pickles Fungus-Free:

You can first take a lump of coal, put it on your stove, and burn for 1-2 minutes. Sprinkle some grains of asafoetida on the burning coal. Now, you can take an empty glass jar and invert it on the coal. Keep it for 2-3  minutes. Then add your pickles, and it will keep the pickles fungus free.

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