What Is Freezer Burn? How To Prevent It?

What Is Freezer Burn? How To Prevent It?

People associate freezer burn with the ice layer on the surface of their food, but the ice is a symptom of the problem. The ice crystals come from the frozen food itself; if there is warmer air next to it, moisture spurts and then freezes at the surface. Unfortunately, it also dries out the food itself. However, food with freezer burn is safe to eat; your frozen chicken dinner might not turn out too tasty.

How To Prevent It?

The fundamental solution to preventing freezer burn is to avoid the moisture from escaping. For this purpose to happen, you want to keep two things remember: keep freezer temperatures consistently cold and keep the air away. Always use Plastic airtight jars to avoid air entering and touch your food. It may help freeze the food fast and save that messy freezer burn from forming. Always keep the following incredible tips handy the next time you plan on tossing together one of your easy freezer meals.

1. Set The Freezer At The Right Temperature

You can use a thermometer to ensure that the freezer temperature is at or below freezing. It depends on the freezer’s make; it can be “Cold,” “Low,” or an actual temperature—0°F.

2. Chill The Food Before Freezing It.

You put hot food directly in your freezer brings the temperature of your freezer up as fast as it brings the food’s temperature down. Moreover, it can affect any food close to the hot food, making a warm place for freezer burn to strike. Put the food in the fridge for about 1 to 2 hours before putting it in the freezer for long-term storage.

3. Freeze The Food In Small Batches.

You can fill the freezer with the food all at once, which will bring up its temperature, and it may take much longer to get down to the freezing point as a substitute put in just a few things at a time.

4. Don’t Overfill Your Freezer.

Already frozen food works as ice in a freezer and helps chill your other food. But an overfilled freezer prevents the even flow of cold air, generating warmer pockets. Preferably, your freezer may be about three-quarters full. If you have space, you can use freezer shelves to give the food a couple of inches of air below it, too.

5. Clean Out And Organize The Freezer Regularly.

You know what is in your freezer and all your plastic airtight jars. Organizing and rearranging your freezer can make it easy to find your things without a lot of open freezer door time. After every 3-4 days, organize and clean excess ice from your freezer to prevent freezer burn.

6. Use Freezer-Safe Containers To Store.

Plastic bowls, glass containers or jars, or freezer bags all work best in the freezer. You ensure to have freezer bags rather than storage bags, as storage bags use thinner plastic and are not for the freezer. These airtight containers are the food storage containers you want in your kitchen.

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