Beauty Guide To Reducing Cracked, Dry Lips

Beauty Guide To Reducing Cracked, Dry Lips

Are cracked or dry lips getting the way? Either it is winter or summer, dry lip skin can affect your usual lip skin routine and your everyday life. One way of caring for your lips is to make lip balm with natural ingredients, put it in any empty lip gloss tube, and carry it with you.

However, keeping chapped lips at woof should not be a routine. With some simple steps like multi-masking, here are the need-to-knows on how to keep your lips hydrated all day round, and the best lip balms are:

Drink Plenty Of Water

The easy way to keep your lips hydrated without chapstick is to ensure you are keeping yourself hydrated. You can surprise by how much your skin depends on your water intake – not sufficient, and your skin can dry out, lose its glowing complexion and improve the risk of irritation. Water acts like magic; it keeps your body hydrated and aims to have between 3-2 liters of water in a day.

Opt For A Honey Lip Mask Once Every Week

Beeswax or honey is the key to keep your lips looking soft and plump. The power-house ingredient guards the skin against environmental damage while also working hard as an antioxidant. Perfect like a  ‘pre-bedtime routine, use honey to cleanse and get rid of hanging germs after makeup.

To use honey in your lip-care without the fuss, Gold Gel Lip Mask is ideal for healthy and soft lips. Deeply hydrating, you can absorb the gold and honey extracts into your lips through the hydrogel technology, boosting up the glow to your skin and keeping hydration protected. The hydrogen mask maximizes the absorption of the essential ingredients, leaving your lips soft and smooth.

Ensure To Keep Your Lips Hydrated – Even Before Makeup!

Do you need a cure for chapped lips fast? You can try a cherry lip mask, strawberry lip balm, coconut lip Vaseline, etc., to ensure you have juicy, plumped lips. These hydrogel lip masks make your lips soft, pinky and smooth, while formulated with hydrating natural extracts. You can apply them before makeup or as part of your regular beauty routine to moisturize and lock in moisture before lipstick use.  Fill your Empty lip gloss tube with coconut oil, Vaseline, and red food color, to have a natural lip moisturizer.

Causes Of Dry And Cracked Lips

  • Cold or harsh weather and lack of moisture can dry your lips.
  • Frequent sun exposure in the summer!
  • You ensure your bedroom circulates air- Little humidity in the air.
  • Lack of water and hydration: Dehydration may affect the natural balance of minerals in your lips!
  • You have to invest in the best moisturizers or lip balms for your dry lips to keep your face and lips feeling nourished and hydrated.

How Can You Keep Your Lips Moisturized And Hydrated?

  • You can use a honey-infused lip mask once a week.
  • You ensure to moisturize your skin before and after makeup.
  • You can use SPF on your dry lips during the summer to avoid cracks and dryness.
  • If you have a cold, ensure you use lip balm daily before you go to bed.
  • You must drink the recommended 2-3 liters of water a day!
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